Unusual Festivals and Events Around Washington, D.C.

When the capital city of America is envisaged, there are many thoughts which immediately come to mind. Prime examples of such include the White House where the President makes his important decisions, as well as many historic scenes, such as Dr Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a Dream” speech which was made at the Lincoln Memorial. Washington, D.C. is home not just to remarkable historical occurrences, but many unusual festivals and events. Here is what you can experience when you want a completely different yet very memorable time in Washington, D.C.:

The Water Skiing Santa and Guests, Potomac River
http://www.waterskiingsanta.com, 24th December.

Taking place every Christmas Eve on the Potomac River, not only do you get to see Saint Nick water-skiing, but also the Flying Elves, the Jet-Skiing Grinch as well as Frosty the Snowman in a dinghy. This event is very popular, especially as free entry is provided. Therefore, if you want to see these colourful characters, choosing accommodation is highly recommended, and there are many short-term accommodation options which you can take advantage of. Staying in a fully furnished corporate apartment may be a much better choice than booking a hotel room. Corporate apartments or vacation rentals usually come with every single mod con. There are plenty of corporate apartment rentals in the Washington, D.C. area where you can stay in complete luxury and be only a short walk away from the Potomac River.

Halloween on Horseback Halloween Trip, 30th October

Happening south of Washington, D.C. in Hume, Virginia, this event costs $150. Riding through the historic Blue Ridge Mountains, attendants also camp out by bonfire. Taking place over two days, you have to apply by the 30th September in order to be eligible for this momentous yet spooky trip.

Soap Box Derby, June

An annual event which is free to enter, self-made vehicles thunder down Constitution Avenue between Delaware and Louisiana Avenues. Held annually since 1938 when two hundred and twenty four youngsters turned up in order to race their hand-crafted machines, the three best competitors will then progress onto Akron, Ohio for the National Soap Box Derby. Here, competition takes place between other winners that are from around the United States.

National Barbeque Battle, http://www.bbqdc.com, June

Held around Pennsylvania Avenue, this all-American event celebrates both the great outdoors and the superb food which the Land of the Free has become renowned for. At this very popular weekend event, top barbeque chefs demonstrate their cooking ability. Free food samples can be enjoyed, as well as a host of children’s activities. Those who want to prove their skills in barbeque cooking can win a prize of $40,000, as well as representing the Mid-Atlantic States at the Barbeque World Championship.

Live rock, jazz and reggae music is also provided too whilst you gorge on your latest hot dog or hamburger, as well as a basketball tournament which will help to burn off any calories. The entrance fees are $10 for adults and $5 for children who are aged between six and twelve. Under-five’s get in for free.

Do you know any other unusual events happening around Washington, D.C.? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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